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About us

A place for professional interpreters to share knowledge, to network and to establish the highest professional standards.  

  • To promote ethical practices in the field of Linguistic Translation and Interpretation.
  • To represent and protect the interests of its Members, who shall be Translators and Interpreters in all of their specialties.
  • To stimulate the creation of institutional bonds with other associations and public entities, both foreign and domestic, in defense of the Translating and Interpreting profession.
  • To issue public opinions on subjects related to and surrounding translation and interpretation activities.
  • To establish personal, postal, electronic, telephone and/or any other type of communications links with Members of the Association so as to permit constant interaction on professional and social issues.
  • To advance general knowledge regarding the task of Translators and Interpreters.
  • To promote the intellectual and cultural improvement of its Members.
  • To create a flourishing business environment for interpreters to network, share contact information and top notch referrals.

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